We provide Catering, Picnics, BBQ's, Pig Roasts, Fundraisers for any sized group for any Florida city.
As off premise caterers our indoor and outdoor catering crews would love to cater any of our menus for your next corporate or private event.

Just sit back and relax and let our Special Event planner take care of all your catering needs.
Our Off-Premise Seafood Catering, BBQ Catering, Cookout Catering, Picnic Catering, Boil Catering, is our only business.
Let our Professional Catering Specialists and Picnic Caterers take care of all the details for you.

Call us today, we have the equipment, expertise.
We devote it all to make your Company Barbecue, Church Barbeque or Corporate Picnic or Cookout a huge success!
Great for any Event. Schools, Churches, Block Parties and all organized Events, from Outdoor Picnics to Indoor Weddings, you will just love our low prices!

The reason our prices are so low is we only send a cooking crew to your self serve event to keep your costs down. Our Cooking Crew stays busy preparing and cooking your foods. We have serving, bussing, setup, cleanup staff available for additional fees, so make sure you have enough staff for any of your needs other than cooking.
Bartenders are also available. You provide the alcohol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I begin to plan my event?
Contact our office via telephone general catering information. You can also fill out a Catering request online and send in by email to receive a propsal . After returning this information we will review your details and contact you to discuss your event. Once your menu and budget is met, we can create a custom proposal for your event.

Where do you cater?
We cater events all over Florida. If your event is located in another State we will be happy to discuss the event with you.

What size events do you cater?
We cater events from 50 guest parties to Several thousand Guests.

When do I need to reserve a date on your calendar?
As soon as you have a specific date in mind, contact us to reserve that date on our calendar. Some events are booked more than a year in advance! If you are undecided or may want to make changes later on your menu, but certain of your date, don't lose it! You may give our representative your credit card over the phone to guarantee the date. We have also provided a direct, secured payment link with the credit card processing company for a do it yourself payment option.
We will reserve your date with a 25% deposit and together we will fine tune your event until you are satisfied with the choices you have made.

How do I Reserve my very important date?
Call us or email us at Pamela.MCC@msn.com

Will you recommend a site for my Event?
There are many State, County and City Parks and Community Centers located throughout Florida.
We will be happy to recommend or direct you to the appropriate site for your event. These sites book fast in advance.

Who shows up for my event?
Our crew shows up in a truck with our cooker attached to it. There will be a Food organizer, a Chef and one staff member, for groups over 100. They will prep and cook the foods for event. Headcounts over 150 will require more staff.
Unfortunately they don't have time for any other tasks, other than food preparation, so make sure you order enough staff if you need other help.

What beverage services do you provide?
We can provide all non alcoholic beverages including: set-ups, garnishes, ice, and Bartending service. You provide the Alcohol.

Can I provide my own beverages?
Yes you can provide your own beverages. Actually you can save quite a bit by providing your own beverages and put the saved money towards the food selections.

What will my proposal contain?
Our Proposals itemize cost estimates per person for food and beverage. Also listed are cost estimates for cooking labor, and tax. Changes to your final guest count or any added services that are shown on your proposal may affect stated previous estimates. We only bring or provide what you request and order.

Are Gratuities included on my proposal or final bill?
A gratuity may be added to the total amount of your final bill or included in your proposal, but only at your request
Any gratuity amount is left to the discretion of the client and will go directly to our staff if paid by credit card.
Tipping the staff is a very private transaction and it is recommended it be handled between you and the staff on the day of the event

When do I need to decide on a final guest count?
What happens if that number goes up or down shortly before or the day of the event?
We require your final guest count 10 days in advance of your event. This number will be used to establish ordering quantities for food, numbers of staff, etc based on that headcount. This also allows us the time necessary to contact all involved vendors, as a courtesy to them, and to guarantee they will be able to provide all items for your event. After this final number is given, we will make every effort to accommodate increases to your final count made within three business days of your event.
We cannot lower your final count, after the food is ordered. Always order enough food for your quests. We only bring what you request, based on your headcount.

Do you require a deposit?
We require 25% of the proposed cost which is due upon booking your event. All deposits are non-refundable
We cannot reserve your date without a deposit.
Payment in full is due 10 days prior to the event unless other arrangements with your catering professional have been made.

Do you accept credit cards?
We accept VISA, Diners Club, Discover and MasterCard, as well as payment by cash or check.
Checks should be sent by over night methods, so tracking is in place in case of delivery errors.

Will I run out of food?
As long as your head-count is as accurate as you can make it, you should not have any problems. While we do use a very accurate computer catering program to determine food quantities, your guests will determine what is leftover, based on which item(s) they consume the most of. We can predict, through experience, what may be popular. If your event has Pig or Shrimp expect both of those items to disappear very quickly and don't expect leftovers of either, unless you order for extra.
Can I keep the leftovers?
We can't guarantee leftovers. You order and pay for one plate of food per person. We bring more food than you actually pay for in case of any unforeseen situation. Your guests will determine leftover amounts based on how many trips they make to the buffet, portion size of food placed on plate, and number of trips each guest takes to buffet. Guests will take food home to friends, neighbors and relatives without your knowledge. When your guests make it known they are going to a catered event they are besieged with requests to bring food back with them. Don't ever think your guests would never do that, but a promise is a promise and they will find many ways to discreetly accomplish their mission.
So the rule of thumb is order enough food if you want leftovers and the Crew, at your request, will pack up food that has been left on the buffet.
Do paper goods come with my order?
Yes, all of our service plans include ample Disposable goods for all of your guests. We feature quality white, 3-section plastic plates, eating and serving utensils and napkins. All buffet tables will be covered with our white catering cover (plastic), unless alternative arrangements have been made with you. if you want to upgrade and provide your own buffet items, linens, plates, forks, knives, etc., you will also be responsible for setting your own buffet and have it available for when the food is ready.
Can I substitute food items from your suggested menus?
Yes you can, each suggested menu comes as designated, and will allow you to mix and match.
However, some items are of higher value and will require an additional charge.

If I order a Pig Roast, how does the pig get cooked?
Since a whole pig can take anywhere from 15-18 hours to cook. we start cooking the pig the day prior to your event in our Smokers. The whole pig is then decorated with Banana Leaves and fruit and placed on the buffet line. Make sure you have a camera ready!