We are Leaving!!!!!

No charge for disposable plastic serving utensils, but if you want the real thing left behind look below

We gotta go - it is time for your event to move onto the next phase, but everyone has not shown up yet and there is food left over. Want to keep your food warm after we leave?? 

You will need one wire rack/pan/sterno/serving utensil per hot food item.

If you think you might need this service, we can let you know ahead of time what you will need and add it into the bill or add it after. Example for your event: 3 hot meats and 2 hot sides would require 5 setups and 5 serving utensils that would total $50.00 for the setups and $15.00 for serving utensils

100 people - $0.65 per person extra
200 people - $0.33 per person extra
300 people - $0.22 per person extra

The Chrome Wire Rack, Aluminum Water Pan, and two cans of Sterno are $15.00 per set-up.

1- Chafing Stand Chrome Wire Rack

1- Aluminum Water Pan that the food pan sits in

Sterno® Smart Can™ Gel Chafin Fuel - 2-Hour-72 ct.
2- Cans of Two Hour Sterno 

Heavy-Duty Utility Tong - 9.5"
1- Stainless Steel Serving Tong - add $3.00 per Tong 

Solid Kitchen Spoon - 13" - 12 pk.
1- Stainless Steel Solid Serving Spoon - 13" add $3.00 per Spoon 

Slotted Kitchen Spoon - 13" - 12 pk.
1- Stainless Steel Slotted Serving Spoon - 13" add $3.00 per Spoon